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Company Vision
Energyled Corporation is a professional LED lighting company with experienced business management and advanced research and development background. With our knowledge in LED packaging, model design and assembly techniques, we are able to use LED lighting characteristics to create finished products that meet the demands of our valued customers. We will continue to commit our time into producing high-quality light sources that are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
Core Values
Core Strengths
  • LED Technology Integration: specializing in the integration of LED, electronics, optics, thermal
    energy transfer, materials, efficiency and assembly.
  • Product Patent Platform: constructed to continuously increase product competition.
  • Market Orientation: combining the result of market research and customer demand as the base for product innovation and development.
  • Reliable Quality: using ISO9001 qualification as the foundation of our product reliability.
  • Total Solution: to provide LED lighting products for general lighting, special lighting, business
    lighting, biotechnology and engineering.
  • Research & Development
    Energyled Corporation owns many patents including a variety of light lamp patents, whole spectrum high color rendering patents, and enhancing light efficiency patents. Therefore, our products receive great assessments from our domestic and international clients, whose business expand across fields of biotechnology, energy medical science, refrigeration, cosmetics, food and beverage, construction, advertisement, display, emergency lighting, transportation, entertainment, billboard, hotel, public transportation, commercial lighting, and so forth.
    Environmental Conducts
    In this era of energy shortage and the need of a green environment, Energyled Corporation wishes to be a big part of global preservation. Thus, we provide high color rendering, high brightness and energy-saving lighting products that do not contribute pollution into the atmosphere. As well, we engage in SGS management, Pb-free soldering and prohibit the use of harmful materials in our entire factory. As an environmentally friendly company, Energyled Corporation is committed to provide everyone an energy-saving and colorful life.